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my grandma 
a portrait 

Anyone who knows me knows that painting portraits is my greatest passion.

Every person is unique and behind every face there is a very individual and unique story.

The great art of portrait painting consists in depicting this unique story of a person in a picture. When I paint, I often think of the person I bring to life on my canvas. What were her/his dreams. What has this person experienced in his/her life?

This happens especially with people who are close to me.


When I decided to paint a portrait of my grandmother, a lot of thoughts went through my mind, all the memories and experiences I was able to share with her.

My grandma was a very special person. A person who always had her fellow human beings in view and took care of them with self-sacrifice.

What I remember most about her is her positive attitude, her joy and her optimism.

- Oilpainting on canvas

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