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the woman at the well 
the chosen 

This watercolour painting depicts a scene from the TV series ‚The Chosen‘.

The two people that meet here could not be more different. And that is what makes this scene so significant.


On the one hand there is Jesus Christ, God’s Son. A man, a jew, who is taking rest at Jacobs well.


On the other hand there is a woman, who’s name is not even mentioned in the bible. A samaritan, a despised woman.

A person that goes to the well to get water in the midday heat just to avoid the scornful looks and mockery of her fellows.

Here at the well is the place where she encounters Jesus in her everyday life. But she doesn’t anticipate how this encounter would change her life.


This scene shows the woman coming up a hill to fetch water out of the well.

She is looking at the messiah but with scepticism, yeah even suspicion, in her eyes.

In this time and culture it was not common for a man to address a woman.

Jesus doesn’t follow these social conventions and talks to the woman, approaches her and even reaches out his hand to her.


The samaritan woman is astonished. Jesus is crossing every cultural and social limit because Jews were avoiding every form of contact with Samaritans.

Jesus doesn’t mind her sex or origin. He accepts her as she is.


This painting is called ‚The woman at the well‘. Interestingly there is no well to be seen in the painting. Jesus is the well. He is the source of ‚living water‘ (John 4:14).

He is the living fountain that will never run dry. His eyes are filled with compassion and love.

There is no verbal communication in this painting, but his eyes are saying more than words ever could.

Warmth is streaming out of Jesus toward the woman. His face resembles a light in the darkness. He carries the woman and he carries her burdens as well.

The background highlights the contrarities of the depicted figures. Blue is a cold colour which is contrasted by a warm yellow-orange.

If these two colours are mixed it results in a shade of green. Green – the colour of hope.


And that is the exact and central message of this painting: No matter how despiced, broken, trapped or sick we are, Gods hand is always open for us. His blood is always setting us free! 

Watercolor on paper (A3+) 36 x 48 cm 

Anker 1

Jesus answered,
‘Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again.
But anyone who drinks the water
I give them will never be thirsty. In fact, the water I give them will become a spring of water in them.
It will flow up into
eternal life.’

John 4:13-14

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