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genesis 16 
the god who sees me 

"You are a God who sees me" 

This verse from the Bible got me thinking a lot. Hagar, one of Sarah's maids, flees into the desert because she can no longer stand the insults and abuse of her mistress.

Hagar is not only physically in a desert but also mentally.

Though she is not entirely blameless.

When she became pregnant by her mistress's husband, she looked down contemptuously on Sarah, her maid. But God does not reject her, on the contrary, he even gives her a promise through an angel.

He prophesies that she will be blessed with an uncountable number of offspring. In addition, she will give birth to a son whom she is to name Ishmael, which means: 'The Lord has heard your misery'

Anker 1

I painted the maid Hagar in a cold shade of blue.

She is hunched over in a cold desert. But in her misery shines a warm yellow light that shines down from a crown that sits above her.

Jesus crowns her with love and mercy. He sees her!

His face is marked with great compassion but also joy because he sees all the beauty in her.


When depicting the person of Jesus, I was inspired by "The Chosen" TV series.

- Pastel drawing on pastelmat (70x50 cm)

"You are the God
who sees me"

Genesis 16:13

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